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carpet maintenanceThe key to keeping your home’s carpeting clean and fresh is regular carpet maintenance. If you are able to keep up on the little jobs as they come up, you can avoid larger repairs and cleanings further down the line. Check out some of these maintenance tips to help keep your carpet looking new all year round.

Spot Clean

Cleaning up little messes as they happen is a great way to keep them from becoming bigger messes later on. Keep a carpet cleaning kit handy for when spills and pet accidents happen. Getting them taken care of right away will help keep stains and odors from settling into the fibers of the carpet and becoming permanent issues.

Close Blinds or Drapes

The sun can be incredibly damaging to carpet, especially if it is a darker color. UV rays can fade colors and make your carpeting look dull and old fairly quickly. Close your blinds or drapes when you leave for the day to keep the sun from streaming in and causing damage.

Vacuum Regularly

One of the best carpet maintenance tips is to vacuum as often as you can. Pet hair, dirt and dust often isn’t visible to the naked eye, but can build up quickly and become harder to remove once it settles into the fibers. Vacuuming regularly can remove these particles before they get a chance to become matted and ground into carpet.

Want Professional Carpet Maintenance in Kent?

Do you need professional carpet maintenance on top of your regular spot cleaning and vacuuming? Let our professional technicians at Carpet Care Northwest take care of all your flooring care needs. Our technicians can provide professional carpet cleaning as well as tile and grout cleaning, emergency water extraction and water restoration. Contact us today to get your carpet looking as good as new!

Professional Carpet Maintenance in Kent

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